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Day Tuesday Thursday Satuday Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday
Time 9:00 10:00 12:15 1:30 2:45
Game 1 (2) Chemistry [22-4]
Atom Game 2 (L1) OC Bombers [19-13]
Game 4 (LC1)   OC Bombers  
Doom   OC Bombers
Game 3 (L1)   CBT [21-12]   Game 5 (LC3) Game 6* (LC3)
CBT   if WC5     
CBT wins  
  Game 5  
Entropic Doom Game C3 (W4) CBT    
Atom Game C2 (LC1) Entropic Doom   CBT
Game C1 (W2) Chemistry [7-0] Entropic Doom
Chemistry Atom Smashers
Game C4 (W4)
Umpire assignments are in parentheses after Game number  
Games in red are elimination games Atom Smashers
W* indicates the winner of Game *
L* indicates the winner of Game *


Text Version

Game # Date Time Team 1 Team 2 Umpire Field Comment
1 Tuesday 5:45 PM Chemistry [22] Atom Smashers [4] Doom 1
2 Thursday 5:45 PM Chemistry [13] OC Bombers [19] Atom Smashers 1
3 Thursday 5:45 PM Entropic Doom [12] CBT Monsters [21] Atom Smashers 2
C1 Saturday 9:00 AM Atom Smashers [0] Chemistry [7] OC Bombers 1
4 Saturday 10:00 AM CBT OC Bombers Atom Smashers 1
C2 Saturday 10:00 AM Chemistry Doom Atom Smashers 2
Lunch* Saturday 11:15 - 12:15 All
C3 Saturday 12:15 PM Entropic Doom CBT OC Bombers 1 3rd Place Game
C4 Saturday 12:15 PM Chemistry Atom Smashers OC Bombers 2 4th Place Game
5 Saturday 1:30 PM CBT OC Bombers Entropic Doom 1 Championship
6** Saturday 2:45 PM W5 L5 LC3 1 N/A
A "W" or "L" in front of a game number denotes the Winner or Loser of the specified game.
The home team for each game (except Game 5 & 6) will be the higher number seed. The winner of Game 4 will be the Home Team for Game 5 & 6.
* - Lunch would be takeout from a local restaurant  that would be picked up by the team that loses games C1 (Organized by CBT)
** - Game 6 would only be played if neither of the two teams in game 5 has lost a total of two games.

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