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  August 1, 2007

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2007 SEBA Softball Tournament - August 4
Day Saturday Saturday Satuday Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday
Time 8:15 AM 9:30 AM 10:45 AM 12:45 PM 2:00 PM 3:15 PM 4:30 PM
OC Bombers
Goonies Game 3 (L1) OCB 7-4
Field 1 Game 1 (1) Chem 23-3    
Chemistry Field 2  
Game 5 (LC1) CBT W5
Doom Field 1      
Field 2 Game 2 (2) NCNR 10-9   Game 7 (LC4)
NCN-Aargh Game 4 (L2) CBT Field 1 Tournament Champion - CBT Monsters
CBT     Game 6 (LC4) if WC4
Field 1   OCB Field 1 wins   
  Game 6
Goonies Game C4 (LC3) OCB WC4 2nd Place - OC Bombers
Field 2 Game C1 (W4) NCNR Field 1  
  Game C3 (LC2) Chem 3rd Place - Chemistry
  Doom Field 2
Field 1 Game C2 (W3) Chem 4th Place - NCN-Aargh Pirates
  Field 2 Game C5 (W5) 5th Place - Goonies 15-0
6th Place - Entropic Doom
Umpire assignments are in parentheses after Game number; Games in red are place determining games
There will be a league-wide lunch at 12 PM.  OC Bombers is in charge of organizing getting the food.
W* indicates the winner of Game *
L* indicates the loser of Game *
Solid Underlines indicate where the team that wins the game plays next
Dotted Underlines indicate the final placement of the team that loses a place determining game